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15 Place Stenfort - BP 1 Gourin, Morbihan, 56110, France


GOURIN - On the hillside the South of the Black Mountains, in 35 minutes from QUIMPER, 50 minutes of LORIENT and 55 minutes of PONTIVY, GOURIN is one of the most secret and the most authentic regions of the Brittany. But GOURIN is also a symbol: that of the Breton emigration towards North America. Brittany of the 19th century had an important demography and a density of population superior to the French national average. The emigration was one of answers datum to the rural overpopulation, especially between 1850 and 1914. The emigration towards the United States (from 1881) stays an exceptional phenomenon, which interested only the region of GOURIN. Today still, Gourinois of NEW YORK is legions, especially in the restoration(catering). There is also in CANADA.

The activity of the Office is a traditional notarial activity, in the following sectors:

REAL-ESTATE: - Expertise, evaluation, - Real-estate negotiation, - Search for tenant, renting management, editorial staff of the leases, - Editorial staff of the compromises of sale, - Editorial staff of the bills of sale and loan.....

FAMILY: - Choice of a marriage contract, a change of matrimonial system, Pacs, free love, - Regulation of the successions, - Donation, - Divorce, - Protection of the surviving spouse or the handicaped child, - Adoption........

PATRIMONY: - Study of transmission, - Analysis and patrimonial diagnosis, - Protection, life insurance ......

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