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Along with neighbouring Calvados, the Orne department shares the countryside known as Suisse Normande, renowned for a landscape studded with dramatic wooded hills and gorges. Hugely popular with hikers and walkers, the area has also earned a reputation for being a centre of equestrian excellence and boasts numerous racecourses, such as that found in Argentan, and studs, including the national stud, Le Haras du Pin. The department is also home to many bridleways and invites you to discover its equine connection at your own pace, with both pony trekking and donkey rides as popular ways to discover the area's natural beauty.

CAPITAL: ALENÇON - The department's capital is a quaint town, home to the world-renowned point d'Alençon fine lace. The lace-making industry grew rapidly during the reign of Louis XIV and a Royal Workshop was established in Alençon in 1665. Just 10 years later the unique Alençon lace style emerged, the history of which is vividly recaptured today in the town's Museum of Fine Arts and Lace.

Average property prices

Orne department: €101,800

Source: Notaires de France

Access from UK

By air: Caen

By train: Eurostar to Paris and TGV to Le Mans then regional services to Alençon

By road: Alençon is 374km from Calais


Average annual temperature: (Alençon): 6.6ºC/15.3ºC

Average annual rainfall: 746.7mm

Average annual sunshine hours: 1,689.5

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Rural surroundings with easy access


The Orne department is also home to the renowned spa town of Bagnoles de l'Orne. A Belle Époque town, Bagnoles keeps up to date with the latest in luxurious treatments. Nature lovers are well catered for here, with the several forests within the Normandy-Maine regional natural park providing plenty of opportunities for a day of riding, fishing or hiking. Further north is the village of Camembert, where cheese aficionados can learn about the history of this iconic French cheese in the local museum.

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