19th C. CASTLE IN MAYENNE, Mayenne, Pays de la Loire
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Key Features

Property Type: House
Number of bedrooms: 15
Bathrooms: 1
Swimming Pool
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Property Description


Located in the Mayenne department, a few kilometres from Normandy, this castle is nestled in a pretty corner of the countryside in a quality hilly environment. This geography is due to the passage of two rivers in the commune, one of which passes below the castle. In the middle of its parkland, it is embellished with woods, outbuildings and an access to the river that borders the property. An historic town with all shops and services (hospital, doctors, chemists, supermarkets, secondary schools, etc.) is approx. 15 minutes away by car.

Built in 1867, the design of this castle was conceived by the very famous architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. It was the latter's son-in-law, Maurice Ouradou, also an architect, who carried out the construction, which was completed five years later in 1872. The main façades face east and west. Built in rendered stone, the base, the chaining and the bays are in cut granite, the roof is topped with slate.
The rooms are spread over 4 levels above the basement. Over the last sixty years or so, the castle has been adapted for collective use. There are :
On the ground floor: tiled vestibule, granite columns and the start of a staircase with balusters; two offices with tiled floors from the 1960s and 1970s; three rooms with parquet flooring, panelling and plastered ceilings; two sanitary blocks, the start of a service staircase, a storeroom and a laundry room which was formerly a professional kitchen.
First floor: 2 lounges, one with kitchenette, 2 offices, 6 bedrooms, storage room, shower room, wc, sanitary block.
Second floor: 13 bedrooms, shower room block, wc and shower room.
On the third floor: 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet in the upper pavilion; attic in the central part.
On the fourth floor: 3 dilapidated rooms with sanitary facilities, located in the upper pavilion.
In the basement: a succession of vaulted rooms or rooms with ceilings underneath the whole, more or less fitted out for the needs of the community; boiler room and workshop.

There are numerous outbuildings to meet the collective needs of the entire property. They are spread out around the castle and are linked to each other mainly by tarmac access.
A) The two accommodation buildings known as "L'Orne" and "La Mayenne
To the north of the castle, 2 identical buildings measuring 493 and 489 sqm, built of cement and covered in slate, each comprising, spread over two stories:
Entrance hall ;
21 bedrooms, with shower rooms;
Both buildings are generally in good condition, as are the rooms.

) The "Varenne" sports building
To the north-west of the castle, a 230 sqm concrete building with a slate roof, comprising:
9 rooms ;
2 collective shower rooms;
Sports room with parquet flooring, not insulated;
Storage of sports equipment.
This building, which must date from the post-war period, is in good condition.

C) The building used as a restaurant
To the south of the castle, an 873 sqm cement building with a partial slate and fibre cement shed roof (most likely asbestos-containing given its era, although only an asbestos diagnosis can confirm this). It includes :
A refectory room in good condition; staff have dated the painting to 2014, and the lighting to 2019;
Professional kitchens, complete with cold rooms, supply room, sanitary facilities, office, etc., in good condition;
A dedicated breakfast room;
A second room;
A teachers' room;
A games room;
An entertainment room;
A bar;
Reserves ;
A boiler room; 1994 CHAPPEE oil-fired boiler, buried tank of 10,000 or 15,000 L, heating this building and the neighbouring building known as the "orangery".

D) The old water tower
To the west of the restoration building, in the wood, the old water tower under which two garages are installed. Extensions in breezeblock or sheet metal on either side.
E) The orangery
To the east of the restoration building, a 19th century building, which was once used as an orangery, measuring 246 sqm of living space, made of brick and stone and covered with slate. It comprises:
2 bedrooms with bathrooms;
14 bedrooms without bathrooms;
2 collective shower rooms.
The windows are single and double glazed. The rooms are in good condition.
Adjacent to the orangery, a garden workshop and a lean-to covered in sheet metal, in poor condition.

F) The two houses:
To the south-west, two identical detached houses of 90 and 95 sqm. They were built in the 1970s. Their slate roofs are in good condition, the outside walls have been repainted and the floors are on slabs:

The house known as "the drivers' house" comprises:
6 bedrooms ;
1 bathroom;
Basement under the whole, including boiler room with FRANCO-BELGE oil-fired boiler.
The window frames are old.

The house known as "the manager's house" comprises:
Living room with fireplace;
3 bedrooms;
Basement with ATLANTIC oil-fired boiler.

Both houses have their original septic tanks in the basement. They obviously no longer comply with current standards.

The property is bordered :

To the west by a rural road;
To the north by plots of agricultural land and fallow land;
To the east by the river and by meadows;
To the south by an orchard and a tarmac road.

The property is mainly composed of woods, with some meadows. It includes a football pitch and a climbing structure (abseiling tower). The land slopes down to the river which adjoins the property. The total surface area is 31.57 acres.

The environment is pleasant, without nuisance, suitable and sufficiently isolated to carry out the activities associated with this type of property in peace.


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